Online Earning Through Different Niche Websites

Online earning is not a big deal, it’s just the mindset through which you can earn millions or billions of dollars on just working from Home in simple word you may say that earn dollars on the INTERNET.

There are several ways through which we will earn such money on the internet.

First of all know about Google, its backbone of Internet in whole world. Thousand and Millions of Peoples Search too many things on Google in Single Days, and Google provide them there require Results.

Today, almost every internet user knows that online earning is possible. There are a lot of Websites and blogs which are making huge money online from Google Adsense or from other affiliates.

Here is a list of Top Websites which are making huge money online. is World’s most famous Mobile Portal. This is ranked in World’s top 1,000 Websites having millions of visitors per day. brings latest mobile News, Mobile prices and rates, mobile specifications and other mobiles related information almost daily. is making estimated amount of $20,000 per month from Google Adsense +Direct Advertisers. was formed in 2003 and has become the largest community based automobile website in Pakistan with more than 100,000+ registered car enthusiasts. More than half a million visits are making to the website every day.

They are making roughly around $500-$1,000 per day from Google Adsense. is also having plenty of Direct Advertisers. is generating estimated revenue of $10,000-$15,000 per Month.

Songs.Pk is a most famous website for Pakistani and Indian music distribution. Songs.Pk is part of which is also famous for music and mobile downloads Songs.Pk is distributing a pirated stuff so they cant use Google Adsense (but they tried several times). They are Using Realmedia ads network for making money online from their website. Songs.Pk is ranked in World’s Top 1000 websites and its ranked at Number 37 in Pakistan and 54thin India. is a website which got the TOP rank on the Internet. They are making more than $500 per day from their advertisements and estimated earning per month is about $18000+.

There are many other websites such as,, network, network, network, and other growing websites which are making more Thousands of Dollars per month from Google Adsense and other CPM networks.

In 2015, Adsense paid out nearly $10B to Publishers.


Now Come to the Point that how to earn money with Google on the internet, First Understand That Google have its Publisher network though Which its Pay its Publishers mean we Peoples which are working with Google are known as Publishers in the Google Directory, Product from Which We Earn is GOOGLE ADSENSE, and other networks Adsterra, Propeller Ads, Adcash and Yahoo Network Media net.

In Simple Word Earning Money from these advertisers’ networks is too easy there are Some Several steps you have to complete before starting Online Business.

  1. First of All Make a Website or Blog on Internet. After selecting a good name than think that which material you should put in your web that peoples want to see.

NOTE: one thing keep in mind that do not Copy paste anything because Google do not allow any Material which is copyright from somebody else.

How It Works

AdSense is a advertisement program started by Google, it display contextual ads matching with nearby keyword. Till date Google AdSense is considered as one of the best pay-per-click program to make online money.

AdSense spiders crawl the webpage and check their inventory to display related ads on your Website.

Google AdSense itself wants you earn more with its programs; they show targeted ads so that you get more clicks.