Google Adsense Alternatives – The best Google Adsense alternative (which I am not affiliated in any way with them) is the network that manages Yahoo! and Bing Contextual ads. The company has more than 500 employees and is growing steadily over the years not only because of their relationship with Yahoo! and Bing but also because they have partnerships with really large websites and advertisers.

To gain access to the system you have to pass through an approval process since one of the nicest things about is that they only accept English language websites with high quality content and a decent amount for US, Canada or UK traffic.

 Other Adsense alternative besides

Besides other networks that have a good reputation as adsense alternatives (or that can work together with Adsense) are, adsterra and propellerAds. I did use some of them but in my opinion the closest to Adsense is and Adsterra.